Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Pain in Maine

The governor has made it plain
That Maine cannot retain,
The ever-growing gravy train
That leads to budget strain.

For every Harry, Dick and Jane
That welfare rolls sustain,
A fraction has endured the pain
Of taxes on their gain.

The Democrats have made it plain
They think it inhumane,
To ponder trying to constrain
The welfare ball and chain.

They say his numbers are profane
And ask that he abstain,
From using numbers to explain
His new reform campaign.

They’ll brand him with the mark of Cain
Should he attempt to drain,
A dollar from the open vein
From which they have free reign.

And thus the dole will still remain
Without a bearing rein,
And pain will spread through Maine’s moraine
Like rain on plains in Spain.

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