Monday, December 12, 2011

One-Sided War

Obama left a copter tail
Inside of Pakistan,
And now has lost a secret drone
To mullahs in Iran.

As Carter had his whirlybird,
Now Barry has his drone.
What is it with these Democrats,
Where Persian ops are blown?

Apparently the Persian mind
Unnerves the Democrats;
They tuck their tails and run away
Like timid tabby cats.

The plan to blow the drone to bits
Obama would ignore,
Because, he said, some folks would claim
It was an act of war.

As if the mullahs and their mob
Have not for years engaged
In acts of war against our land,
And war by terror waged.

And now the man who wages war
By missile and by drone,
Has given to our enemies
The key to what we own.

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