Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Larry King’s Expiration

While Larry King is hoping for
Suspended animation,
I hold a slightly different view
As to his situation.

For though he lived for many years
By nightly conversation,
The public may be ready now
For Larry deprivation.

And even if technology
Could end his fragmentation,
What of the ordinary man
Who waits for life’s cessation?

For since by death we all are bound
To joy or condemnation,
That he escape our common fate
Would be an irritation.

I do not wish for Larry’s death
By sudden strangulation,
Or hope that he would be consumed
By flaming conflagration.

But I believe a decent man
Should have no trepidation
About the end of earthly life –
Or God’s adjudication.

1 comment:

  1. Bard...After reading the story and looking at the size and age of the gal he is with...I already know what the cause of death is gonna be. Putting himself in "suspendered animation" ain't gonna cure that cause of death.