Thursday, December 22, 2011


The murmurers and talking heads
Of late are raising hell,
That he who is the president
Would rate himself so well.

The claim he made was trivial,
For one as great as he:
Of all the former presidents
He’s bested but by three.

I’ve pondered on the legacy
Of those who came before,
And wonder why the president
Would rate himself at four?

For what are the accomplishments
Of Lincoln to compare
With what the fawning public loves
To call Obamacare?

And didn’t Johnson merely ride
The death of JFK,
To form the Great Society
We have with us today?

Though FDR himself went on
A massive spending spree,
The stimulus, in all its forms,
Would shame him by degree.

And thus I say the president
Should have our firm support,
For only such a humble man
Would sell himself so short.

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