Monday, December 5, 2011

The Grim Utility

When Death has passed before your door
Or visited your home,
Engage the service of the firm
Of Wilkerson and Rome.

Our sterling staff of twenty-two
Is ready to provide
The service that your family needs
When one or two have died.

Your rabbi, pastor or your priest
Has worked with us before.
We’ve been in business forty years,
And plan on sixty more.

We’re up on all the latest trends
In services and wakes,
And guarantee a funeral spread
Of coffee, tea and cakes.

For those whose wallet doesn’t hold
The necessary cash,
We have a plan that cuts the price
By kilning kin to ash.

We’ve leveraged all our capital
To purchase a device
That transfers corpses into watts,
We sell at market price.

A family death presents to you
An opportunity
To transfer kin to kilowatts
In your community.

And for a time your next of kin
Can light and heat your home,
If you engage the services
Of Wilkerson and Rome.

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