Friday, December 2, 2011

Blick in den Spiegel

Obama, Biden, Clinton, Dodd,
John Edwards and et al.
Comprised the Democratic field,
Three years ago this fall.

I’ve searched Der Spiegel’s archive vault,
But couldn’t find a word
About the value, character,
Or measure of the herd.

But now our valued German friends
Have published up a blitz,
Advising us the GOP
Is filled with hypocrites.

And not just hypocrites have we,
Adulterers as well,
And ignoramuses and cheats,
To hear Der Spiegel tell.

And liars? Katy, bar the door!
They’re that and even more:
Exaggerators, every one –
And stupid to the core.

Why can’t they be good Democrats,
The masters of debate,
Who only put forth quality
To run for head of state.

No cheaters or adulterers
Have ever graced their field
(John Edwards’ baby doesn’t count;
 His records have been sealed).

And Dodd was never really charged
With anything concrete.
So no one in the media
Would claim he is a cheat.

And speaking of intelligence:
Joe Biden takes the cake.
He’s never made us stop and think,
Or do a double-take.

And as for he who won the race,
Or she, the number two:
I’m sure they’d never tell a lie,
Or that which wasn’t true.

So if we stand for justice, peace,
Veracity and truth,
We’ll only vote for Democrats
Inside the polling booth.

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  1. Thanks, Bard: Truly enjoy your wit and the 'truth therein'.
    Keep it up, Please!