Friday, December 16, 2011

Amidst Mutineers

I’m mortified beyond belief,
And shocked at what I’m called.
I thought that giving staffers grief
Would keep the team enthralled.

For all the nameless suffragettes
Who claim I’m mean and rude,
I’d say our little tête à têtes
Were badly misconstrued.

Perhaps a minor rise in tone,
Or volume up a bit,
Is something to which I am prone –
When staffers are unfit.

But I have never given in
Or lost control in rage,
Except in times or places when
The staffers don’t engage.

To say that I’ve berated some
Is patently untrue,
Unless they’ve acted really dumb
And needed tending to.

But verbally abusing staff?
I know not how or when.
I’d have to say on my behalf –
I am the best of men.

I have a code I’m living by,
And have for many years.
But now I feel like Captain Bligh
Amidst the mutineers.

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