Friday, November 11, 2011

Wait, I Can Wait

Obama’s in a frenzied state
Because he just can’t wait,
To shovel money out for jobs,
To city, town and state.

He couldn’t wait to change the rules
Regarding student loans,
And with the shortages of drugs
He finally made his bones.

And just three years into his term
He’s brought his cutting axe
To stop the purchasing of mugs,
Of clothing, pens and plaques.

Executive activity
Is what he’s all about,
And if the Congress won’t agree,
He’ll tack a different route.

And somehow by his bold approach
The unemployment rate,
May be reduced by thousands more,
Perhaps to eight point eight.

But though he just can’t wait to do
Most things without review,
The job-creating pipeline plan
Can wait a year or two.

And twenty-thousand jobs will wait
For studies by the score,
So small environmental groups
Will vote for him once more.

So after all, the jobs can wait
Another year or so,
And unemployment will retain
Its awful status quo.

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1 comment:

  1. My husband has been ranting all morning about this. Thanks for condensing his two-and-a-half hour marathon into a more palatable and pleasant pill to swallow.