Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Void of Space

The women and the men that serve
Our country, active and reserve,
Should have the option to refuse
To pray with those who share their views.

So welcome, please, onto the base
Our newest chaplain: Hilbert Space.
For those who do not claim a creed,
Or worship nothing, Space will lead.

His job is to officiate,
As one who represents the state,
At celebrations of the sort
Where nonbelievers need support.

We think that atheists will find
In Hilbert Space, an open mind,
Devoid of any faith motif,
And non-theistic in belief.

He will be fired if he tries
To preach or to evangelize
To military personnel,
But rest assured: he listens well.

He has declared he would prefer
That people call him only Sir,
For priest or rabbi will not do;
He’s neither Catholic nor a Jew.

At services, he tends to ask
His crowd to join him in the task
Of worship at his holy place:
His altar is the void of Space.

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