Monday, November 7, 2011

Values Clarification

We can’t tell good from bad;
Discriminate we won’t,
Opinions have we not;
We’d like to, but we don’t.

A kiss is just a kiss
And has no place at school.
We shan’t allow the tikes
To break the kissing rule.

And hugging in the hall?
Who knows what kids will do?
It’s really too complex,
And wins suspension too.

Those furtive dirty looks,
Are not much different than
An ordinary glance;
Add looking to the ban.

And when the students speak,
They might say bad or good.
We can’t tell which is which:
We’d ban it if we could.

To clarify their values?
There’s something we can do!
Instruct a class in sex ed?
We’re more than happy to.

But ask us to determine
Appropriate or not
When seeing hugs or kisses,
Would put us on the spot.

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