Friday, November 4, 2011

Rule of Law

I didn’t send my taxes in;
I ended up in jail.
Thank heaven for my relatives,
Who ponied up the bail.

I took away a lesson learned:
That one should never fail,
To read the letter of the law,
Or face a sheriff’s sale.

But now I hear that HHS
Has failed to follow through
On eighteen of the thirty dates
The law laid in its queue.

Apparently they think the law
Is just so much ado,
And written for us little folk,
And not the favored few.

So if your name is Kate the Grate
You stand above the law,
Unlike the poor, the working class,
Or even us bourgeois.

But Katie’s time is ending soon;
She'll have her last hurrah,
When voters have a chance to win
A ballot coup d'état.

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