Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Portal

Some mornings when I bolt from sleep
And amble forth to shave,
I lose my focus when I pass
Beneath the architrave
Between the room wherein I groom
And that from whence I came;
I wonder what it is about
That magic open frame?

And when a call for conferencing
Is issued by my boss,
The threshold to his office space
Results in frequent loss
Of what he said before I tread
Across his stately sill;
I wonder if I’ve lost my mind,
Or if I’m deathly ill.

While many men prefer to drink,
And hope they can forget,
The barroom portal is the point
At which I am beset
By going blind within my mind
And feeling out of sync;
I wonder if I’m going mad,
Or merely need a drink.

So if I can’t remember things
I’ve mastered heretofore,
The reason is I’ve passed the case
That circumvents a door
Before we met, and I regret
I can’t recall your name;
I wonder if this phase will pass,
And whether I'm to blame.

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1 comment:

  1. We're all at fault... Don't ya know?
    That's simply where we're at
    Though we've grown halt... We'll not show
    The reason we've grown fat...

    Fat of body... Fat of mind
    It's lack of exercise
    Our work is shoddy... The boss unkind
    Get off our tush... Be wise!!