Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Palette Adjustment

Young Richard (Ricky) Wilbur Dietz
Would not obey, concerning treats.
His palette was by candy formed,
And Ricky could not be reformed.

His parents threatened and cajoled,
But Ricky’s taste would not remold
Into a palette more refined,
To fruits and vegetables inclined.

For almost thirty-seven weeks
His parents tried to feed him leeks
Before he could enjoy dessert,
But they could not their son convert.

For after dinner he would steal
Into the pantry for a meal
Of chocolate chips and little cakes,
And pints of butter-almond shakes.

His father caught him in the act
Of filling his digestive tract
From here to there, by steady stream,
With donuts cooked by Krispy Kreme.

Upon which his paternal rage
Was piqued, and forced him to engage
The services of one whose trade
Was for such situations made.

And subsequently, little Dietz
Was hauled to Dr. Killjoy’s suites
And forced to tolerate the pain
Of shocks to his cerebral vein.

Within a year the Doc announced
That little Ricky had renounced
His fondness for confection treats,
And other forms of candied sweets.

His parents, Nancy and Jerome,
Rejoiced with Ricky back at home,
And offered him a bit of yard
For planting broccoli and chard.

But though he tends the garden well
(And owns a palette by Michelle),
His friends have noticed for awhile
That Ricky never seems to smile.

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