Monday, November 28, 2011

Market Madness

The government has long success
In making markets all a mess,
And nowhere else can this be seen
As well as making power green.

The subsidies with which they toy
Distort the market and destroy
The competent delivery
Of kilowatts for you and me.

But even that could not succeed
If government had not decreed
A moratorium to kill
The opportunity to drill.

And further to distort the game,
The regulators then proclaim
The energy which comes from coal
Will be reduced by more control.

Which antecedes a market spike,
For filthy rich and poor alike,
And makes the use of wind and sun
Competitive for everyone.

And in the end, it’s you and I,
Who pay the piper when we buy
The kilowatts for heat and light
That warm our homes and stay the night.

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1 comment:

  1. And soon we'll have no hundred watt
    By Edison or others wrought
    No longer can the bulbs be bought
    This, the freedom for which we fought?

    So wake up now before it's gone
    All our freedom is pale and wan
    Or is it soon we'll use our grass
    For food and light and so much gas?

    Or will that be illegal too
    For on our "cuds" we cannot chew
    That methane gas is just not right
    Make do and live without the light!