Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I’m fainéant, I’m indolent,
I’m otiose and slow:
According to the President,
It started long ago.

I’m futile and superfluous,
A shiftless kind of guy;
I often marvel at the way
I manage to get by.

But when I’m called a lazybones
By people who are paid
Their salary from my weekly check,
I feel downright betrayed.

For even though I do not golf
A dozen rounds a week,
I often exercise a bit,
Despite his harsh critique.

Perhaps he thinks a little scorn
Would do my body good,
And get me off my La-Z-Boy,
The way he knows I should.

But I can promise he and his
That I will find a way,
To exercise my right to vote
The next election day.

For neither rain nor snow nor sleet
Nor hurricanes nor drought,
Will keep me from a little walk
To vote Obama out.

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