Monday, November 14, 2011

Investment Advice

As a financial genius I offer advice
To stockholders large and small.
My counsel is constantly clear and precise,
And bolsters the profits of all.

I’ve dabbled in markets and dabbled in stocks,
And dabbled in arbitrage;
In credit default swaps, a Pandora’s box,
I saw a financial mirage.

With a market awareness that hasn’t been matched
By copycats in the trade,
Competitors find themselves quickly dispatched,
When money is ripe to be made.

With my decades of research and God-given brains,
I’ve stumbled upon a way,
To bypass the market, with all of its chains,
And keep all my bankers at bay.

For my program is simple and easy to do,
And easier to sustain:
I tell all my clients they ought to look to
Invest in Obama’s campaign.

An investment of import can bring a reward
That doubles or triples the size
Of profits which any investor has scored
By researching that which he buys.

So just open your wallet or open your purse,
And this I can guarantee:
Obama and Biden will surely disperse
A reward from the treasury.

Other Democratic gifts:

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