Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Incomplete Data

From latest of Gallup statistics
On church-going characteristics:
     The Democrat crew
     Has many more few
Who claim they are born-again mystics.

The measure of those who are pious
Intrinsically suffers from bias,
     For membership in
     A union, is kin
To praying with Luther or Pius.

It seems that the union exclusion,
Might render the foregone conclusion
     That gods of the left
     Are lacking in heft,
With congregants caught in delusion.

If only the left had reminded
The pollsters to be open-minded,
     The polls would reflect
     The size of the sect
To which the statistics are blinded.

If unions were counted as churches,
The Democrat number then lurches
     From only a few
     To filling the pew,
Or union sectarian perches.

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