Friday, November 18, 2011

The Imposter

According to the FBI,
If as to weight or height you lie,
You’ll find yourself in jail.

As five and twenty years ago
The Congress said such to and fro
Was far beyond the pale.

They passed a law so deeply flawed
That those who fib are charged with fraud,
So justice may prevail.

Which leaves me needing to discard
My sobriquet, the Murdock Bard,
And pull away the veil.

It pains me deeply to admit,
That if I’m forced to go legit,
My blog will surely fail.

For who would read the poetry
Of one who claims his name to be
Augustus Wilber Stale?

For Stale does surely not agree
With daily bread – or poetry –
When offered up for sale.

And thus I think I must defy
The DOJ and FBI,
And hope I can prevail.

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