Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Fort of Last Resort

Obama flashed his magic pen
And conjured up today,
Three-thousand jobs in search of men
At Fort Monroe, VA.

When naming it a monument,
The president observed,
From major new development
The site will be preserved.

For when has new development
Enhanced employment rates,
When private dollars have been spent
Within the several states?

Much better to preserve the site
By federal decree,
And hope the planners have been right –
And tourists will agree.

Historians we might persuade
To travel and support
The tour bus and trinket trade
Projected at the fort.

For if they come by train or bus,
And visit by the score,
We’ll need three-thousand workers plus,
Or maybe even more.

Not mentioned by Obama’s team
Was any word or clue,
Concerning cost to fund the scheme,
Accrued to me and you.

Instead we saw a photo op
Of Barry with a pen,
And visions of a coffee shop
At Fort Monroe again.

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