Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Audacity of Puppetry

When #Occupy took o’er the town
I had the chance to hear
The sordid, sorry woeful tale
Of Joe the puppeteer.

It seems poor Joe was sickened by
Bureaucracy and waste,
That had beset the public school
In which he first was placed.

So Joe left for Connecticut
To get a new degree;
Our dauntless drama-teaching lad
Would study puppetry!

And after more than thirty grand
Of student loans in hand,
Our Master of the puppet field
Had reached the Promised Land.

He had his new diploma framed,
But found, to his dismay,
Employers were not fighting to
Review his résumé.

And now he spends his working day
A lowly substitute,
Who does the work that teachers do
For half the daily loot.

But daunted not, he searched and found
The Arts and Culture Group,
That manufactures signs to give
The #Occupying troupe.

And then it came to Joe one night,
Perhaps within a dream,
He ought to start a Puppet Guild
To help support the team!

For puppets Joe was trained to build,
And puppets build shall he,
For what can bring the rich to heel
Like massive puppetry?

So if you have a sock or two
Without a proper match,
Consider sending them to Joe
By parcel post dispatch.

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  1. Magnificent as usual Bard. Will share first line or two and link back. You are one talented individual.