Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Federal Fix

I sold my soul to scientists
And government decrees,
To save the years I have in life
From hunger and disease.

I could not trust my fellow man,
Nor trust the marketplace,
For I could never quantify
Economies or grace.

Instead, I worshiped at the shrine
We know as FDA,
And bowed to pious bureaucrats
Who dither and delay.

They wrote commandments by the score
To regulate the use
Of every drug and treatment plan
The market could produce.

And then they showered price controls
On every shot and pill
The chemists and their companies
Could mingle or distill.

Who knew the Great Bureaucracy
Would kill the drug supply,
Or leave the ailing and the sick
To suffer and to die?

But now the one we call The One,
Has stepped into the fray,
Obama and his trusty team
Have come to save the day.

And with my faith and trust restored,
I’ll praise them, heart and soul;
For what can make the markets work
Like government control?

Another FDA success story:

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