Thursday, October 6, 2011

Unfair Practices

Inspired by: An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog by Oliver Goldsmith

In Washington there is a man
Of whom the liberals say,
That he is never more a cad
Than when they get their way.

A compromising heart has he
That beats to go along,
With every new demand they make,
No matter right or wrong.

They railed upon his little band
For holding up their bill,
For raising every obstacle
To closure on the Hill.

He showed the blackness of his heart,
And failed the acid test
Delineating friend and foe:
The devil acquiesced!

Such manners are unspeakable
In high society,
And seen by those in politics
As impropriety.

The impudence the man displayed
Was such a deep affront,
The White House felt compelled to say
His act was just a stunt.

So here’s to Mitch McConnell’s play
Which got Obama’s goat,
By offering to give his bill
A speedy Senate vote.

More song and dance from Washington:

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