Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spread the Wealth!

I’ve got a book of poetry
To offer up for sale.
Some call the work a masterpiece,
In English or in Braille.

It makes a nice gratuity
For tyrants large and small,
And may be used for teaching rhyme
From Chad to Senegal.

It’s called Dreams of My Dear Old Dad,
Who died two years ago;
He taught me how to script a verse,
A sonnet and rondeau.

The sequel builds upon the theme,
Though broader still in scope;
It’s titled for my drinking days:
Audacity of Tope.

The discounts for a volume buy
Are really quite profound,
And if you buy the pair of them
The savings will compound.

So if you run an embassy
In Egypt or Peru,
Just send a check, and when it clears,
I’ll ship them off to you.

And if you need a trilogy
To whet your appetite,
I’m publishing another gem:
The Dreams of Reverend Wright.

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