Monday, October 17, 2011


“Mommy, can you figure out
What the shouting’s all about?”
Mother said, “The bankers lied,”
     “According to the #Occupied.

“Mommy, can’t the little mob
Go back home and find a job?”
“Dear, it’s hard,” her mom replied,
     “To find a job when #Occupied.”

“Mommy, what’s that awful stink
Coming from the man in pink?”
“Give him room,” intoned her guide,
     “I think he must be #Occupied.”

“Mommy, what does public health
Have to do with bankers’ wealth?”
Her mother said, “You see it slide,”
     “Whenever we are #Occupied.”

“Mommy, see the dirty man
Pooping in the garbage can!”
“Turn away,” her mother cried,
     “The little man is #Occupied.”

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