Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nutmeg Nappies

In case you missed the news, today
Is Diaper Need Awareness Day,
A day we set aside to say:
A change in diapers is OK.

Before you break out in a grin,
With visions of a safety pin
Affixing cotton to the skin
Of those you call your next of kin…

The day does not relate to seats
Of those who Occupy the streets,
And live in tents derived from sheets
To badger bankers and elites…

Nor does the day at all refer
To those called Madam, Ms. or Sir,
Who make the laws that often spur
Our job creators to defer…

Instead the day is for the crew
That thinks it right that they eschew
The self-reliance that they knew
Before they learned to take from you.

So celebrate with Dan Molloy
And those the Nutmeg State employ
To find a way they can enjoy
Free diapers for each girl and boy.

And let those babies get a taste
Of how the liberals have embraced
A life where people are debased
And taken care of, food to waste.

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