Monday, October 3, 2011

Madam Guillotine

I tip my hat to Madam Barr,
The ethicist and TV star,
Who argues we should reconvene
The use of Madam Guillotine.

But only as a last resort
For use on bankers of the sort
Who will not now repudiate
The excess wealth in their estate.

The White House could adopt the plan,
Proposed today by Ms. Roseanne,
With orders to decapitate
The rich we can’t re-educate.

I’m sure the plan could work out well
If it were run in parallel
With Buffet’s plan to raise the rates
On those who eat from golden plates.

And then the Democrat machine,
When armed with Madam Guillotine,
Will not need Congress anymore
To carry out the new class war.

1 comment:

  1. What she says could come to the fore
    Her words may have opened a door
    So as we go back
    She just wants to "whack"
    Off the head of those she'd abhore