Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Fugitives

Say what you want, say what you will,
I knows what I believes:
The TOTUS* and the podium
Ain’t missing ’cause of thieves.

It looks as tho the White House life
Is bad as things can be,
When Barry’s presidential props
Keep tryin to get free.

Remember ’bout six months ago
The Presidential Seal,
And had the ditch ordeal?

A network or an underground
Is what we’re talkin here,
To help them Presidential Seals
Take off and disappear.

So let them suits at CBS
And skirts at NBC,
Report on thieves and criminals,
And call the crime a spree.

But if you’re on the street at night
And stumble on a Seal,
He’s headed north for Canada –
And prob’ly needs a meal.

* Teleprompter Of The United States

1 comment:

  1. Most S.E.A.L.s I know would never leave
    They would take a stand and fight
    To do such thing would really peeve
    Their brothers who know what is right...

    So wake up and stop the bleeting
    We're not lambs for sacrifice
    Put an end to lies and cheating
    And their rampant, blatant vice!

    We must stand for all that's righteous
    And our freedom's maximize
    And remove his Seal of rightness
    And throw out his schemes and lies!