Monday, October 31, 2011

Challenge Week

Last week was Food Stamp Challenge Week
For liberals on the Hill,
Which offered them a chance to live
On pasta, beans and swill.

The quintessential liberal ploy –
A week of eating less –
To set up years of spending more
On federal largesse.

And choosing sitting congressmen,
And Democrats to boot,
To keep within a budget stake
Was brilliantly astute.

For how could liberal Democrats
Do anything but fail?
They’ve never lived within their means,
No matter what the scale.

And anything that’s difficult
For people on the dole,
Is further proof Republicans
Have neither heart nor soul.

Perhaps some other challenges
They ought to entertain:
No Tax or Regulation Week,
Or Week of Acting Sane.

And if they took those challenges
I think we’d hear no more
From Reid, Obama, Schumer, Frank,
Al Gore or Michael Moore.

Other Democratic delights:
     The New Nixons

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