Saturday, September 10, 2011


That Will’s an odd, uncertain cat;
He means then this, and means now that.
When Will is used, you might look at
The many ways he hangs his hat.

A fixed intent or certain plan
Is often well within his span.
But oftentimes, our leading man
Will cat about as Should or Can.

And Will likewise means legacy,
The hot bloodline, the family tree.
It may do well for you and me,
But future heirs may disagree.

A conscious choice our Will is too,
Depending on your point of view.
That choice can be, for me and you,
A cup of tea or bitter brew.

And Will can mean to be in mind,
To offer up, lead from behind.
Or even better: be assigned –
When Will himself is disinclined.

So when that Will is catting ’bout
Remember he’s a fickle lout,
Whose meaning may well be in doubt;
When Will is used, the wise opt out.

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