Saturday, September 24, 2011

Public Hanging

For statutory thuggery
And violating laws,
The former head of Ways and Means
Was hung to loud applause.

The cries for mercy were ignored
And justice was restored,
When on that fateful afternoon
They pulled the velvet cord.

He hangs by Rostenkowski, Mills,
And others of the sort
Who used illegal ways or means
Of capital support.

I long have held the point of view
We ought to teach the young,
That if they lie or cheat or steal
They might be caught and hung.

And if they swear or curse or talk
In vulgar bits of slang,
Or get elected to the House,
They might deserve to hang.

So let this be a lesson learned
For all our wayward teens:
The surest way to find a rope
Is on the Ways and Means.

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  1. Priceless!!! You, sir, are unfailingly brilliant. This is but one more example.