Monday, September 26, 2011

Preachin to the Choir

Now stop y’alls complainin,
‘N stop yer cryin too.
Ya gots to get campainin;
Ya gots to foller through.

Toss off yer bedroom slippers,
‘N get yer marchin shoes,
‘N buckle up yer knickers,
‘N pay yer union dues.

‘N quit yer belly achin –
I listens to y’all –
I’s hard at work creatin
The new T’mannie Hall.

Cuz folks like us is hurtin
While Buffett an’ his crew,
Been busy with divertin
Their cash from me ‘n you.

Perhaps y’all don’t notice,
That those of us that’s black
Got double-digit jobless,
‘N need some payin back.

I promise we’ll keep spendin
On those of us that’s poor;
This gravy train ain’t endin
‘Til folks like us got more.

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