Friday, September 2, 2011

Obama Standard Time

The campaigner-in-chief
Holds the firmest belief
That the planets all orbit his frame;
He’s excluding, of course,
Our reduced labor force,
For he wants to give Congress the blame.

Back in August of ’10,
He had promised that when
He returned from vacationing days,
He would offer a plan
To restore, to a man,
Full employment, along with a raise.

Now a year has since passed
And he comes forth at last
With a plan to increase the growth rate,
Then demands that he speak
To the nation midweek,
When his foes are engaged in debate.

If there ever was doubt
What Obama’s about,
The uncertainty ought to be past:
He’s a small little man,
From a self-centered clan,
With an ego that’s horribly vast.

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