Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nothin' New Under The One

Pelosi is beside herself
     With Boehner’s foul play:
His sole response
Is nonchalance
     To what Barack will say.

To heal Pelosi’s troubled mind
     I offer here below,
My answers to
Obama’s view;
     She’ll find them apropos:

An interactive power point
     That counts the red Chinese,
Who got the jobs
The union mobs
     Have driven overseas;

A ninety-minute video
     Displaying Biden’s gaffes,
And on the side
A rolling slide
     Of unemployment graphs;

An endless loop of audio
     That plays “Oh yes we can!”
With overlays
Of all the ways
     He blames the businessman;

Of black and white daguerreotype,
     A billion-picture stack,
That shows the shape
Of his red tape,
     Which holds small business back;

Or maybe just a ticker-tape
     That shows the mounting debt,
Obama spent
For nine percent
     Without a job as yet.

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