Saturday, September 17, 2011

Neighborhood AttackWatch

I’ve got some neighbors to expose
For watching right-wing TV shows.
I’m sure they are Obama’s foes,
And even now their number grows.

My next door neighbor’s name is Fred.
He hates Bernanke and the Fed,
And claims the US dollar’s dead;
He trades his cash for gold instead.

Another neighbor is a Jew
Who says he’ll never vote for you.
If I were you, I’d follow through;
I think he might be racist too.

A right-wing zealot I have seen
Down at the local putting green,
Is using words I find obscene
About your teleprompt machine.

Across the street and to the right,
I have a neighbor who is white.
He laughs at Biden out of spite,
And curses unions every night.

And further down the street I saw
A man who claims that he’s the Shah
Of most of greater Bogotá;
He’s known as Frank, but named François.

And down the street about a block,
There lives a fellow from Bangkok
Who wears a reddish-colored smock,
And worships Perry ’round the clock.

Across the way resides a Sioux,
Who lived awhile in Peru.
In recent weeks he traveled to
Afghanistan and Timbuktu.

By now I’ve named most every male
Who might Obama’s train derail,
And ought to be confined to jail
Until the Democrats prevail.

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