Thursday, September 22, 2011

Matthew 18:15-20, Revised

The S.J. Capistrano code
Prohibits more than two
From gathering inside a home
For biblical review.

To integrate the city code
With sacred holy writ,
I’ve intermingled both as one
And made a perfect fit:

If next of kin against ye sins,
Return ye with a friend,
But keep in mind, you’ll all be fined
If more than two attend.

If two of ye should ask as one,
For ye it shall be done,
But ’til you get a permit card,
Don’t add another one.

Where two are gathered in my name,
I shall be in thy midst,
But if the group expands to three,
You’ll make the sheriff’s list.

So praise the Father and the Son
And praise the Holy Ghost,
But keep your praises to yourself
On California’s coast.

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