Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The High Road

I didn’t have the Labor Day
I hoped that it would be:
I first was called barbarian,
And then an SOB.

And what, you ask, may I have done
To cause such repartee?
I registered Republican,
And voted GOP.

I stood against Obamacare
And claimed the right to work,
Which makes the liberal Democrats
And unions go berserk.

I scoffed at Mr. Harry Reid,
And wrote a little verse
That mocked Ms. Debbie Wasserman,
Which makes me even worse.

So far I’ve done my level best
To add a bit of flair
To all my bits of poetry,
And every rhyming pair.

And is it far too much to ask
That they should do the same?
To find a clever turn of phrase
With which they might take aim?

I wish they’d coin an epithet
A little more adroit,
But one is our Vice President –
The other’s from Detroit.

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