Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Donkey Dumping

Barack, his horrible highness,
Has led the equus asinus,
     In poll after poll,
     Down into a hole;
His help at the top is a minus.

Barack has demanded the Hill
Consider his stimulus bill,
     Which even an ass
     Would shudder to pass,
And nobody thinks that it will.

Those jackasses, burros and jennies
Who’ve drawn us all down to our pennies
     Now wait for the skies
     To bring their demise
Like good climate-change Henny Pennys.

The folks from the Empire State
And those from Nevada can’t wait
     To toss out the fools –
     The donkeys and mules –
Who run on the Democrat slate.

Some places it’s gotten so bad
They’re dumping their donkeys like mad;
     In Texas, at least,
     The dumping’s increased
To levels approaching a fad.

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  1. The 9th district of N.Y. went Republican for the first time in 88 years. That is reason to celebrate.