Monday, September 19, 2011

The Daddy Tax

I’ve got a painful deficit;
My spend exceeds my pay.
But rather than reduce my spend
I’ve found another way.

I’m willing to sustain my spend
By raising revenue;
The income from my brilliant plan
Should keep me in fondue.

It’s called an occupation tax,
Imposed on those who sleep
In any room within the house,
And rates are fairly steep.

With children who are working stiffs,
Employed at least part-time,
There is no need to let them sponge
On daddy dearest’s dime.

So for each buck of take-home pay
I now expect to see
A six-bit slice of Daddy Tax,
Or occupation fee.

And if their take exceeds a rate
That’s set by my decree,
I’ll tax them at a higher rate
That’s set, of course, by me.

The more they make, the more I’ll tax,
To help the children learn
That government has set its eyes
On money that they earn.

And if the taxes still fall short
Of balancing my spend,
I’ll confiscate their bank accounts
To cover up the trend.

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