Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coming of Age

I signed up for the Day of Rage
To bring the bankers down,
To kill the kings of capital,
Or run them out of town.

For twenty thousand youth enraged
Can do most anything;
Just look across the Middle East
And watch the Arab Spring.

I worked my rage for days on end
To elevate its peak;
I screamed and shouted extra loud,
And practiced my technique.

I learned a dozen sixties songs
’Bout giving peace a chance,
And used the ATM nearby
To get a cash advance.

But when my closest friends and I
Showed up to join the throng,
We found the folks assembled there
Were just three-hundred strong.

The coppers outmaneuvered us
With metal barricades,
And kept us in an area
They use for small parades.

We tried to get arrested then,
But what were we to do?
I guess we didn’t break enough;
They only collared two.

So now it’s back to mommy’s place,
To watch it on TV.
I hope she’s got our dinner made –
I’m hungry as can be.

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