Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Civility Flexibility

I’ve read the Times from front to back,
And even gave the Post a whack,
But nowhere did I chance to see,
On pages one through eighty-three,
A lesson on civility.

I guess the Times and Post forgot
That when Ms. Giffords took a shot
They blamed it on the GOP,
Conservatives and Tea Party,
And hateful incivility.

The President then gave a speech
He thought would help repair the breach
Of rising volatility,
Which, coupled with hostility,
Had led to incivility.

The President was doused with praise
From both the Times and Post for days,
Who had erased the memory
Of what they did to Forty-Three
Before they found civility.

Now when they hear young Hoffa shout,
“Let’s take these sons of bitches out!”
Their ears don’t hear and eyes can’t see
What might appear to you and me
As less than true civility.

Perhaps their inability
To see the incivility
Stems from their versatility,
Or even flexibility,
When dealing with civility.

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