Friday, September 16, 2011

24 From Mr. Gore

If twenty-four from Mr. Gore
Was that which you were waiting for,
You might check in a loony bin;
They have a wing for Albert’s kin.

Ms. Maggie Fox, who runs the box
From which Al Gore projects his vox,
Has had a thing for Climate Spring
And wants to make Big Oil swing.

But I would call September fall,
And note that Gore cares not at all
For verity, sincerity,
Or personal austerity.

I think we must Al Gore distrust,
Along with those who would adjust
Their climate plots when certain dots
Don’t fit their predetermined slots.

So set a goal for use of coal,
And let your furnace rock and roll.
Ignore Al Gore and help restore
The place of man on earth once more.

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