Friday, August 5, 2011

Womb to Tomb

Kathleen the Grate revealed her slate
Of guidelines and government rules:
These apron strings require things
From merchants of policy pools.

And wouldn’t you know her list would show
A mandate to offer the pill.
They must purvey, with no co-pay,
Prescriptions that also can kill.

I think on back to Bart Stupak
Who promised we’d not spend a dime
Aborting youth; but here’s the truth:
They knew it would happen in time.

So raise your glass and toast the lass:
Now pregnancy is a disease;
Like measles, mumps and swayback humps,
Says she and her board of trustees.

An afterthought: If your sad lot
Is cancer of prostate or breast,
Your remedy will not be free:
Those maladies haven’t been blessed.

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