Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Slaughter House

Since born on empty promises
And nursed on tricks and lies,
The sacred cow, Obamacare,
Has lurched to its demise.

It stumbles through the narrow chute
That leads it to the floor,
Where wait the executioners
To do their sacred chore.

It wanders through from post to post
Where men in flowing robes,
Now measure and review its girth
And poke it with their probes.

And with each measurement and probe
We hear a new report:
The sacred cow has lost its legs
Before another court.

But sacred cows are hard to kill
And sometimes persevere,
Which may allow the ghastly beast
To live another year.

We know the day of reckoning
Will end before the nine;
We hope for justice from the court –
And not the party line.

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