Monday, August 29, 2011

Punitive Damages

I plan to sue my mother,
And dear old dad’s estate,
For how they made me suffer
From ages two to eight.

My yearly birthday parties,
I’m sure they will confess,
Were singular in purpose:
Emotional distress.

For me, no fancy presents,
No cash or bonds or stocks;
Instead the wrapping paper
Held underwear and socks.

No Tonka toys or Legos,
No licorice or gum,
Just different kinds of clothing
From dear old dad and mum.

When on my best behavior,
I’d get a brand new shirt;
And when I was atrocious,
I wouldn’t get dessert.

So is it any wonder
I’m batty, daft and mad,
And look for compensation
In Me v. Mom and Dad?

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1 comment:

  1. Excellent prose. It does appear that the father was seeking revenge. The court should bill him and his spoiled brats for wasting the court’s time. Such an unappreciative lot. No doubt they got that from their father.