Wednesday, August 3, 2011

One Flew Over the Caucus

A trillion-five in deficits
And ten times that in debt,
Would make an honest congressman
Break out in hives and sweat.

But some have found the antidote
To wipe out that disease:
Just borrow ’til the country’s broke,
Then up the tax and fees.

This miracle of medicine
Was surely on display,
As Doyle from the Quaker state
Got up to have his say.

He lashed out at the GOP
And tossed out in the end:
“That little group of terrorists
Reduced what we can spend!”

Perhaps Mike is a little off
Without his remedy.
He just can’t find an equal cure
In milk or herbal tea.

But since the Hippocratic Oath
Says first to do no harm,
Perhaps Mike needs a padded cell
Out at the funny farm.

I think that in those padded rooms
One finds a kind of peace.
Just ask Joe Biden if he knows:
He’s out on work release.

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1 comment:

  1. Well done! Sarah Palin had a few things to say to Rep. Doyle also.