Monday, August 15, 2011

The Magic Bus

Obama’s got a magic bus –
He’s given up on jets;
It’s loaded to the roof with plans,
With peas and cigarettes.

He’ll roll through parts of Iowa
And Minnesota too;
Perhaps he’ll stop in Illinois,
Or maybe drive on through.

He plans to speak on joblessness,
The poor economy,
And how his term in office has
Been great for you and me.

He’ll brag on how the tide has turned
And how we’re on the mend,
If voters will just stick with him
Until the bitter end.

Supporters plan to line the route
With union bums and tramps,
And fill their bellies every night
On food they buy with stamps.

And when the tour finally ends
He’ll be so tuckered out,
He’ll need some Martha’s Vineyard time
To rest and lark about.

Then back to work to finish up
The job he came to do:
Expansion of the government
And unemployment queue.

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