Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Highway to Hell

When I am looking for a path
To lead me straight to hell,
I’ll want to find a seasoned guide
Who knows the place as well.

When sifting through the resumes
To find a perfect guide,
I’ll look for certain timeless traits
In those who have applied.

I’ll focus on the applicants
From whence there are the most
Degenerates and deviants:
The California Coast.

Within that group of candidates
I’ll winnow down the pile,
To those in film or government,
Or union rank and file.

The list will then be narrowed down
To ten or twenty score,
Not counting those from Hollywood,
Like Mr. Michael Moore.

But since the politicians rank
Among the very best
At knowing how to get to hell,
I’ll toss aside the rest.

Which ought to leave a handful more
To winnow and refine,
And one among this final group
Should know the way just fine.

Of all the final candidates,
Who is the most obscene?
She’s known to her constituents
As Motor-Mouth Maxine.

So if you’re looking to embark
Upon a trip to hell,
According to Maxine herself,
She knows the way quite well.

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1 comment:

  1. Yeah, she knows all about hell. She ought to, she helped to create it right here in the USA.