Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Georgie Willie

Georgie Willie, Tiger Lily,
Wouldn’t vote for any filly.
If you wear a blouse or skirt,
Georgie goes on high alert.

Georgie Willie, Button Down,
Sees a girl and wants to frown.
When they win on caucus day,
Georgie wants to run away.

Georgie Willie, Big Bow Tie,
Gives the girls the evil eye.
If one is the nominee,
Georgie Willie won’t agree.

Georgie Willie, Glasses Case,
Won’t go to the polling place
To support the fairer sex:
Georgie’s issues are complex.

Georgie Willie, Belly Scratcher,
Wouldn’t vote for Margaret Thatcher.
Sarah Palin and Michele?
Georgie’s scared of them as well.

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