Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Democrat

Observe the wicked millionaire
Reclining in his leather chair:
He drinks his port and smokes cigars,
And sits on wealth that should be ours.

He has a butler and a maid,
A chauffeur and a lawn brigade
That keeps his mansion like a shrine,
With money that is rightly mine.

He travels in a corporate jet
With members of the wealthy set
Who buy champagne and dry Chablis,
With riches meant for you and me.

So Harry Reid and I propose
A higher tax on CEOs
And other wicked millionaires,
Who buy and sell in corporate shares.

And when we’ve bled their savings dry,
We’ll have the money to supply
The butler, chauffeur and the maid
With training in a different trade.

But when that revenue is spent,
Our caucus will provide consent
To upping rates for people who
Make less than millionaires – like you.

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