Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Democrat or Hypocrite?

A Democrat or hypocrite?
I get the two confused.
In Warren Buffett’s case I’d say
The two of them have fused.

When Buffett wrote his little piece,
He had one goal in mind:
Providing cover for the folks
With whom he’s intertwined.

For he’s connected at the hip
To President Barack;
And he’s now propping Barry up
Just like a penny stock.

For over fifty years he’s made
More money than he needs,
And Buffett does as Buffett wants
With all the cash he breeds.

In fact he’s given much away –
As wealthy people should;
Too bad his beneficiaries
Include Planned Parenthood.

But even though I don’t much like
His sad philanthropy,
The money that he casts about
Belongs to him, not me.

And even though his monthly take
Exceeds my life-long pay,
I simply don’t believe it right
To steal his wealth away.

But on the other hand I think
The Oracle is free,
To send as much as he would like
To Washington, D.C.

So if he thinks his tax unfair
Or thinks his rates too low,
Why has he not, for many years,
Paid what he ought to owe?

A hypocrite calls other men
To do what he won’t do.
A Democrat and hypocrite
Would legislate it too.

Another option for the Oracle of Omaha: Eight of Ten

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